One Solution for AI Driven ITOps (AIOps)

Bring the Power of Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning to empower your IT. Get more out of your existing tools and IT environment. Collect, Ingest and Integrate with Any Tool, Any Data Source, Any Environment.

Take Action, without the Noise.

Alert Noise

Map, Correlate and Reduce Numerous Alerts & Events into Actionable Incidents

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Accelerate Incident Resolution

Diagnose and Resolve Incidents Faster than Ever with AI and Automation

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Proactively Monitor Situations, Anomalies & Outcomes to Prevent Failures

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Correlate and Reduce Alert & Event Noise

Eliminate Alert Noise by ingesting alerts & metrics from all your monitoring tools and creating actionable incidents only for the alerts that matter the most. Optimize and tune downstream monitoring tools based on actionable insights and recommendations.

Ingest Any Alert, Any Source, Anywhere

Map to App/Services Correlate Alerts to Incidents/Problems

Identify and Enable Assets/Metrics suitable for Dynamic Thresholds

Actionable Recommendations to identify blind spots and Resource Hogs

Ignore Alerts during Backup, Patching etc.

Automatically Create Actionable Incidents in ITSM

Diagnose and Resolve Incidents Faster Than Ever

With CloudFabrix Incident Room, Incidents can be diagnosed and resolved faster than ever by automatically resolving and extrapolating key impacted assets, retrieving relevant metrics & logs and highlighting anomalies, gleaning insights from ML generated similar incidents, automating diagnosis/resolution with tools and workflows.

  • Instantly view and assess relevant impacted assets, time-synced operational metrics and logs
  • Instantly pinpoint offending metrics by identifying anomalies, noticeable changes and correlations
  • Gain insights from similar, related incidents to serve as knowledge base
  • Quickly perform troubleshooting with automated tools and workflows

Reduce MTTD/

Context and Time Aware Assets, Metrics, Logs

Pinpoint Anomalies and Unusual Changes

Visually mark, compare, time-synchronized key metrics

Instant insights and knowledge base from similar, related incidents

Automated Tools, Workflows for Diagnosis & Resolution

Proactive & Predictive Full-Stack Insights

Gain real-time visibility & insights into health and outcomes of key IT assets. Proactively monitor anomalies, noticeable changes or abnormal usage patterns across full-stack. Prevent capacity overruns, resource exhaustion and other impending issues through forecasting and predictive analytics.

Full Visibility into IT Performance and Digital Experience

Detect Anomalies and Noticeable Changes

Index, Search and Query Metrics and Logs

Built-In Reports (Uptime, Bandwidth etc.) and Scheduled Reports for Offline Reporting

Export Raw Metrics, Logs for Analysis. Long-Term Log Archival for Compliance

Automatically Create/Update/Resolve Incidents in ITSM

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