Automate AIOps Foundation

Topology, Enrichment & Alert Pattern Discovery

CloudFabrix Solution

Automate/Streamline AIOps Data Supply Chain For Faster Time To Value

Alert Enrichment Flows

Enrichment is the process of adding richer contextual information to the alerts for better correlation, analysis and noise reduction. CloudFabrix automates this critical step saving time and effort by analyzing data from various sources and providing the following insights and capabilities

  • Discover identities and relationships
  • Identify enrichment attributes for alerts
  • Insights on coverage and variance
  • Auto provision enrichment flows
  • Track performance of enrichment
  • Automate data pipeline for enrichment

Topology/Stack Mapping

Topology/Stack mapping that requires deep visibility into the complete IT assets and their relationships is foundation for range of AIOps use cases including more targeted grouping of alerts, faster incident resolution, IT planning , change management and more. CloudFabrix solutions provides built-in support for these capabilities

  • Discover asset relationships & topology
  • Stack and service aware relationships
  • Works with or without CMDB
  • Built-in agentless asset discovery - optional
  • Insights into asset to alert/metric mapping
Alert Footprint & Patterns

Many AIOps implementation rely on tribal knowledge to define correlation policies, enrichment and other core tasks. However, this is expensive and long drawn process. With CloudFabrix solution, this is automated - feed sample alert data, triage data and CI data and it will quickly identify patterns, gaps , mappings and provide the following insights and actions

  • Learns burst and flapping patterns
  • Auto generates correlation policies
  • Recommendations on grouping attributes
  • Data mapping ,relationships and duplicates
  • Insights into gaps and data blind spots
  • ...


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