Automate AIOps Data Prep & Integration

With Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

AIOps needs to process vast amounts of data from hybrid environments and diverse data sources. But raw data is often unusable. Automate all AIOps data prep and integrations with intelligent data bots and low-code data pipelines using Robotic Data Automation

Event Correlation & Alert Noise Reduction

Extract Action from Noisy IT Data and Work on Alerts that Matter Most

Turn Noisy Alerts into Action

Ingest logs, events and traces from any monitoring tool (APM, ITIM, Cloud, Log etc.) to perform high-scale unsupervised ML driven from multiple data sources to reduce alert noise, reduce tickets and bring actionability to incidents.


Accelerate Incident Resolution

With all the incident context, triage data and tools at one place

Accelerate incident resolution by having all the incident context, incident causing alerts, CI/stack impact assessment, triage data like time series metrics & logs, root cause insights, in-place collaboration console and diagnostic tools - all at one place.

Accelerate Incident Resolution
Predictive Insights

Predict incidents, reduce outages. #ActBeforeImpact.

Predict incidents, reduce outages

Proactively watch critical IT services or stacks to predict or prevent IT failures, by continously observing leading indicators, anomalies, correlated behaviors or user specified outcomes. Stacks or services are automatically learned by system, but can also be feteched from CMDB or manually defined by administrator.


Asset Intelligence & Analytics

Optimize IT Spend & Manage Compliance Risks With 360 Degree IT Asset Intelligence

Gain real-time 360-degree IT asset visibility, utilization and dependencies, along with key insights about upcoming lifecycle events (like end of sale/support/life), supportability risks due to missing or out-of-contract assets, identify non-compliant assets and measure/track enterprise specific plan of record or compliance policies.


360 Degree IT Asset Intelligence

Observability in a Box

Unified Observability lens to your Full-Stack, Hybrid-Cloud environment

CloudFabrix Observability solution comes with native support of monitoring infrastructure, application, services of both traditional and cloud native architectures with metrics, logs and traces using open source technologies. Customers can also ingest data from 3rd party tools to standardize access of observability data across the enterprise.

Observability in a box

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